D∆WN has been one of music’s most distinctive voices and songwriters since 2004, first as a member of Danity Kane and then as part of Dirty Money with Diddy and Kalenna Harper, releasing the classic Last Train to Paris. However, it’s as a solo artist that she’s really soared.

Across two self-released albums and several EPs, D∆WN has honed a style of music that she describes as “genderless, colourless and genreless”, as connected to Bjork’s boundary-less world-building and future-focused electronic music as the pop innovations of Missy Elliott and Aaliyah.

D∆WN’s last album Blackheart was ranked as one of 2015’s best albums by Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Vogue, FACT, LA Times, Spin, Rap Up and many more. Her music videos and visual style are second to none, with outfits and choreography reflecting “the marriage between music and the body” that is so vital to her music. In April 2016 D∆WN became the first artist to perform live in 360 on YouTube, as part of YouTube’s collaboration series with The Verge, and she will continue to push the boundaries of music and technology as the year goes on.

D∆WN will release her third solo album RED•emp•tion in Autumn 2016.